VPS is a virtualized server which mimics a within a shared hosting environment. Technically, it is used as both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting come with dedicated resources and full root access which gives all features and functions of a dedicated server at free cost. It comes with full privacy system. There is no other website on your server that have access to your files.

With a VPS Server, you have own instances of all server applications such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL. This allows you to install any compatible application of your choice, you have your own Operating System. This also means that you have your own instances of all server applications such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL. If you need to have any of these services customized, you can make changes to the server to suit your needs.

It is best option for developer to expand server admin knowledge or a start-up. These days VPS hosts are more inclined to commercialization. With VPS you have to be more active. Every time make sure that you are running latest version.

Measuring Bandwidth and Management of Website by Hosting Server Tool

Web hosting service also called Internet hosting service allowing organizations and individuals to make accessible their website via World Wide Web. Sharing of hosting servers can be there among shared hosting or dedicated hosting, it is specifically common for larger websites where owner of website has more necessity of control and requires bandwidth also.

Web hosting service plays crucial role to establish website. Hosting server stores website files as well as transmit them via internet. Exchange of data between browser and web server is a difficult process. As more advanced technology being used by site, exchange of data will be more complex.

To measure bandwidth and manage websites hosting server is excellent method. Along with server hosting is offering many solutions regarding maintenance. In market, many web hosting companies are available. These companies ensure clients to make visible their site always on web and also have reliable and efficient servers. Here are some servers and their features:

Dedicated server : Webmaster or client can take whole server not sharing with anyone in this type of hosting. It provides flexibility to platform in which user can control server easily while selecting operating system and hardware. Web hosting company provides server hardware and client will get right to maintain and install operating system in an appropriate manner. This server is allotted only for website and expenses will be little bit higher. User will get full backup in case of server failure.

Webmaster will be provided advanced technical support by this server. Many functions are offered by server management servers such as server security service, server side programming, firewall configuration etc. Above security functions can be easily be accessed makes website safe and secured.

Virtual private server : It works like hard drive mainly on PC. User can easily run different OS on each part. Each partition acts like complete server and further names it as virtual private server. Each VPS has own operating system and it is kept separate from other hosting servers.

Virtual private server is more flexible than shared hosting. Although it is offering limited customization. Less technical knowledge is required than shared hosting. User need not to worry about reliability and performance while associated with virtual server. For small scale businesses, server is perfect as price is low and provides complete control like dedicated hosting.

Cloud server hosting : Latest form of technology is cloud server. Cloud hosting server is aggregation of many servers and reliability is more than all connected servers with each other. It is low cost and provides many solutions. It is consisted as redundancy so it is mostly used in recent times.

For small and medium sized businesses, cloud hosting is best option. Using shared hosting can create problem for some companies and when user encounter it then VPS provides better solution as per their need.